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Focusing on Value, Food Safety, Product Integrity, Gold Star Service.


We are a direct seafood producer creating ready-to-cook portions and fillets in support of Retail and Grocery chains private label programs.


Multi-temperature food-related commodities are housed within a fully racked public storage facility located within a free trade zone.


Our in-house delivery service is capable of port drayage, arrangements of delivery from storage accounts, and ad-hoc arrangements for short hold, rework, and redelivery services for over-the-road carriers.

Capable and Customizable

Each year we manufacture more than 10 million pounds of ready-to-cook portions and fillets. Raw materials are sourced through our long-standing relationships within a direct network of suppliers and fishermen following sustainability and food safety practices

Willing to Go Above and Beyond

The supply chain never sleeps so neither do we. We understand what goes into getting a product from sea to your customers’ table and are committed to going above and beyond. Our company has grown on a foundation of customer service.

Quality  |  Value  |  Food Safety

At The Cold Locker Companies, we prioritize quality, value, and food safety. We have implemented rigorous quality assurance protocols throughout our operation, including sourcing, processing, storage, and distribution. Our team of experts continuously monitors and audits our processes to meet or exceed industry standards. By doing so, we not only prioritize the safety of the food we handle but also ensure that you receive products of exceptional quality and value.

Choose Cold Locker Companies with confidence as your trusted partner for seafood products, custom seafood production, cold food warehousing, dry food warehousing, and food logistics needs. Experience the difference our commitment to quality, value, and food safety can make in your business.