COVID-19 Response

To keep your customers safe, healthy, and thrilled with their seafood experience, Cold Locker has implemented responsible practices to protect all against COVID-19.

Not only have we updated our in-facility procedures, we have also increased our packaging offerings to include 10K OTR film packs to keep your product as protected as possible.

Facility Updates

We’ve made several changes in our facilities to protect against COVID-19. To increase social distancing, we’ve expanded our Sumner facility and adopted a staggered break schedule. All employees are health and temperature screened prior to admittance, and PPE including face masks and shields have been issued and are required to be worn at all times.

Additionally, our facility is heavily sanitized hourly in all areas with special attention paid to common areas and frequently touched surfaces – all on top of our daily deep cleaning.

Packaging Updates

Traditionally, fresh seafood was displayed on ice at the store level, but we’ve had to make changes in these unprecedented times. That’s why we now offer the popular 10K OTR tray packs. If you haven’t heard of these novel trays, here are some of the highlights:

  • The product is protected from contact, unlike displaying seafood on ice
  • The 10K OTR film is oxygen-permeable, but seals food from environmental contaminants (such as water, bacteria, dust, etc.)
  • Seafood in 10K OTR trays can be stored fresh or frozen
  • The customer does not have to remove fish from the 10K OTR tray to thaw or freeze it

Utilizing 10K OTR packaging can be a great option for you and your customers. Contact today to learn more!

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