Getting from A to B is Only the Beginning


Getting from A to B is Only the Beginning

At the Cold Locker Companies, we prioritize the safe and efficient transportation of your perishable goods.

Here’s how we do it:

Handling it All!

Whether you need LTL(Less than Truckload) or TL (Truckload) we’re standing by to help you haul!

Keeping it Cool

Our Refrigerated trucks are monitored for temperature fluctuations to ensure your product arrives as intended and safely.

Strategically Located

Situated near regional grocery and club warehouses, our facility provides convenient access to major distribution hubs.

Multi-Use Facility

Warehouse services include storage, consolidation and cross-docking of all food products.

Streamlined and Efficient

We offer consolidation services, allowing you to combine multiple smaller shipments into a single larger shipment.

Above and Beyond

We eliminate unnecessary storage and handling, ensuring a smoother and more time-efficient supply chain.

At The Cold Locker Companies, we understand the importance of maintaining the cold chain throughout delivery while preserving the integrity of your perishable goods.

Our goal is to earn your trust by providing dependable, cost-effective, reliable service to handle your refrigerated transportation requirements.